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At the start of the first lock-down we undertook urgent work for the NHS.

The plan was to separate incoming patients who could be infected with Covid to safeguard other patients who were not infected.

The installation had to start within only four days of having received the brief, and be completed within a week.

For Stoke-Mandeville, this entailed extending the A+E reception by adding timber walls to the covered way, and installing a three-way door system, ‘streaming’ the patients as they entered the Hospital. These areas had to have lighting, hand washing facities, heating and airconditioning, and automatic sliding doors.
Patients with potential Covid infection were directed into another temporary structure, which we fitted out we clinical assessment pods.

The pods were used for several months before a new permanent structure was completed.

However, a year and a half later, some of the door systems still seem to be use!
Kempton Park and Epsom Downs needed a quick and effective solution to comply with distancing regulations, enabling events to go ahead (e.g., the 2020 Epsom Derby!)

We built and fitted bespoke wall dividers for the Jockey Club.

This was as an alternative to the large quantities of perspex acrylic that at the time being consumed (in short supply, and with a high price tag to match)

Constructed from sustainably sourced timber with a thin skin of PVC cloth, this would be a far more environmentally solution than large quantities of perspex.

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