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The Pro Stage Workshops are set out to deal with different build processes. We have two main build workshops: one principally dedicated to Conference build, and the other to Exhibition build.

Our third workshop is where most of the covering and final preparation takes place before loading. In the office, the members of our team will be able to prepare a written quotation for your exhibition stand project. This will include all of the elements that you require us to supply.

We then work with you on your plans which may well include us breaking down each segment to prepare workshop ready-to-build-from-drawings.

If you wish we can assist with, or organise for you, other items required such as the Graphics, Furniture, foliage etc

Our dedicated team of experienced stand builders will always be present on site. The are familiar with the standards required, and are always proud to see a great project from Paper to reality standing before them. We offer a complete  service of to the point where the show go live, and are always happy to supply a  standby presence should  you feel it is needed. We have experience in building exhibition stands in the UK at events and all over Europe. We understand the significance of these events for your company or brand and work with you the whole way to deliver professional results that impress. Whether you have detailed architect’s drawings or just an idea in your head, let us bring your stand to life for you.

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